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Bay of Secrets by J. A. Newman


Shifting between the 1960s and the present, Bay of Secrets is a spellbinding saga of mystery and enduring love. When Jayne returns to Seawinds, her family home in Cornwall, she is determined to solve the mystery surrounding her father's death. But why is the house revealing its secrets after fifty years and why are Jayne and her siblings drawn to the bay?

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The Sewing Place by Joslin Day

£11.99 eBook: £3.99

Innocence is a precious possession, but as mid-eighteenth-century Exeter settles to peace after The Seven Years’ War, Rachael, who is neither servant nor ward of the flamboyant painter Alexander Trelawney, is destined to lose the one thing that separates her from the whores she rubs shoulders with.
A friendship begun on the derelict outshoot of one of the three houses that share a courtyard along busy Exebere Street is put under threat; not only by Trelawney’s unorthodox lifestyle but by Henri Latimer’s spendthrift and conscienceless nephew Geoffrey, who is determined to have the inheritance that his posthumous birth has deprived him of. Even if this means consulting with the herbalist Blox.
Will Rachael find salvation in the widower Henri Latimer or will she fall to the bottom of society where her illegitimate birth and lack of family predicts she must? Will Geoffrey achieve what Latimer’s recent injury and subsequent illness could not?

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Nurse Nadia’s Revenge by Stacey George


This book tells the story of a best selling author, a surgeon and a hospital nurse who becomes more and more obsessed with revenge. All proceeds from the sale will go to a homeless charity.

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Traffic by Nicky Downes

$9.98/£7.99 eBook: $3.89/£2.99
Genre: Crime
Tag: Recommended Books

If you enjoyed Line of Duty then this is the police procedural for you! Traffic is the second page turner written by Coventry author, Nicky Downes. 'You care for those women more than you do your two daughters.' DI Amelia Barton, a widow with two young daughters, knows this isn't true, but who else will fight for trafficked women? Who else will take time to listen and find refuge for them? Who else would understand that you don't need chains or weapons to exert power or enslave? Amelia is a senior detective in the Sex Trafficking Unit of the National Crime Agency. The bodies of two women, branded with the same rose tattoo, are found in quick succession. The team have been told by other, recently freed, women that they are searching for a trafficker and possible murderer known as The Devil. But Amelia is fighting her own demon... DS Jake Travis. Will she find The Devil, or will Jake destroy everything she has fought for when he goes undercover, putting the trafficked women at even greater risk?

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A Trilogy of Poetry, Prose and Thoughts for the Mind, Body and Soul by Joseph S. Spence, Sr.

$12.95 eBook: $4.29
Genre: Poetry
Tag: Recommended Books

Trilogy is an exciting experience into the diverse blending of poetry, prose, and thoughts. It raises one''s level of consciousness to that of enjoyment and instills a peaceful quality of mind for relaxation. Enjoy this masterpiece at your favorite place, with your favorite drink, as your mind explodes with the fascination of Trilogy. The wonderful experience of Trilogy shows how a family working together is able to blend and intertwine their collective ideas and thoughts. Such diversity has produced this exceptional work of art for the mind and body that is soothing to the soul. The passing of Joseph''s mother was a motivation for Trilogy. His healing from her loss was to write. He wrote during every spare moment. The spark ignited the passion within Sheila and Jonathan, and they followed his lead. As a result, this fascinating masterpiece is in your hands. Enjoy your reading and recitals as you experience the sensational journey of Trilogy!

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The Enigma Beyond by Breakfield and Burkey


What happens when technology outruns our humanity?Humans continue to give their decision making over to Artificial Intelligence. Or, was it simply confiscated? Computers are delivering manufactured choices to each person via their ever-pervasive personal devices. The seduction of mankind is eminent unless our champions can stop them.The R-Group, with their own next generation youth, are poised to take on one of their most complex adversaries, supercomputers run by greedy powerful technological geniuses. The training for the new members of the R-Group is live, in the form of a real world cyber assault crisis. ICABOD, R-Group's supercomputer, is their best weapon for this battle.With corporate self-discipline gone and the power of U.S. Congressional oversight crippled, the dominance of the technical oligopolies has risen to dictate their terms.MAG, the consortium of global technology predators, have come together to bring their insidious plans to fruition using humans’ desire for the easy and effortless lifestyles, even as it steals their freedoms. For groups caught in the cyber crosshairs, time has already run out. The social media noise blinds humanity to what is happening. MAG uses it to seize control of politics, healthcare, finances, and defense systems. Award winning authors Breakfield and Burkey take readers, in their 11th book in The Enigma Series, on a one way trip to keeping or giving up their most precious human quality, the freedom to choose. No one saw it coming when they built computers to ease their work. Where are the guardrails to protect humans from giving up too much? Can humanity take back control? You determine who wins in the AI Wars.

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Soulwaves: A Future History by Töm Evans

£18 Hard Cover eBook: £4.07
Genre: Sci-Fi

If you’ve ever wondered where we are heading, this book explores a possible near-future for humanity, and the Earth. If you’ve ever wondered where we came from, be prepared to turn your thinking on its head. If you’ve ever wondered if anyone is pulling your strings, this book will make you think again about chance encounters or serendipities in your life. If you’ve every suspected you are part of something bigger than you can imagine, this book is for you. Soulwaves are the missing dark energy and dark matter that cosmologists can’t find. They bond people to people, moons to planets, planets to stars and stars to other stars to form galaxies. Soulwaves are also integral to the cycle of life and death. When this book proper begins in 2059, China has become the predominant force on the world stage. You will discover that events on planet Earth, and all other sentient planets, are nano-managed by greater and even more pervasive forces.

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Coach in Cottage C by Rosemary Ryan Imregi and J.R. Minard

$16.95 eBook: $10.09

Inspired by 1961 events in the life of Florida State University quarterback Victor C. Prinzi during his time at the Florida School for Boys (now known as the Dozier School for Boys), Imregi and Minard’s Coach in Cottage C dramatizes how institutional life burns inside the minds and souls of faculty and boys alike.
On a crisp February morning in 1961, twenty-five-year-old Matt Grazi faces the most unwanted change of his life. His pro-ball career over, he stands as coach across the field from a platoon of teenage delinquents at Colby Hill School for Boys (CHB) in the northern panhandle of Florida. Matt understands a successful coaching season is his chance to remain in the football world, and his opportunity to give value to his years spent on the field.

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When to Call a Therapist by Robert C. Ciampi LCSW

$14.95 eBook: $6.19
Genre: Health

Whether it's due to fear about asking for help, feeling overwhelmed by which type of help to get, or simply a lack of awareness that their symptoms are danger signs, many people wait far too long to get support when problems crop up.
Frequently, couples enter therapy as a last-ditch effort to save their relationship only to find the damage is too great to recover from. Those dealing with anxiety wait until they start fearing the fear itself or develop unhealthy coping strategies. Substance abusers wait until they hit "rock bottom." And those suffering from prolonged depression lose the energy or will to call a therapist-often with deadly consequences.

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Love in the Eye of the Storm by Billy Nahn

$9.99 eBook: $3.07

A dramatic true story about being on a Caribbean Island during one of the largest hurricanes in modern history. Love, survival, friendship, and gracious luck all come into play during this harrowing ordeal.

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Live to Write by Brian Morgan

This is the book that's been missing, the one that every writer, beginner or master, must read. This is how to write. This is how to live. This is how to achieve authenticity. Please, read it. Live by it. Joy Parker, editor, reviewer.
This book is a special contribution to the literary world. It reveals a world of knowledge learned and earned from a man who has dedicated his life to literature. Author Brian Morgan masterfully orchestrates insights, quotes and quips from writers past and present. He has gathered his own gems over the years as he read and learned from Thoreau, Faulkner, Tolstoy, Angelou, and so many more. Live to Write is an encyclopedia of knowledge, creatively expressed. It's a road map for an aspiring writer. This book is a Middle Earth, a new world of learning for all writers. Live to Write is a treasure, opened and shared with all. Brian Crandall, author of Empathy Globally: Painful Portraits of People - in Poetry.
Trust Brian Morgan. He has touched the depths of life and climbed the tree of wisdom. His motives are authentic and his heart is an open book - this book. Henrietta Falsom, journalist, reviewer.
This book is going to be an amazing blessing to the world... It is a rare topic... You are actually resolving a big problem. [Writers who have to cope with isolation and solitude] will now have a reference point. Thank you for doing the work. Pastor Sunday Adelaja,
This is a book with a forever message for writers everywhere, whatever the stage of their writing journey. Must have. Must keep. Pierre Lacompte, writer, editor.

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