Jinnik: The Asset (a Cold War memory) by Gideon D. Asche

$15.99 eBook: $3.99
Genre: Espionage

From 1947 through 1991, the United States and her allies faced off against the Soviet Union and her proxy states in clandestine operations worldwide during the Cold War. It was not a conventional shooting war, but make no mistake, both sides lost thousands of brave men and women who fought for what they believed in. Eastern Europe was home to some of the most intense and harrowing missions as NATO forces directly opposed the Soviets behind the Iron Curtain. Jinnik: The Asset is the true story of one man’s role in the conflict. Gideon Asche was the typical American soldier stationed in West Germany in 1979. He dreamed of getting out and going back home to California as a civilian who’d done his small part for liberty. Little did he know that his longtime girlfriend, Petra, was a Mossad agent who’d likely been recruiting him from the beginning. After his enlistment was up, Gideon found himself with an offer he couldn’t refuse: to become a covert operator helping people trapped beyond the lines of freedom. For ten years, Gideon lived in the shadows under false identities, transiting border checkpoints and Eastern Bloc nations with supplies and much-needed cash for the resistance. He lost team members, contacts, and friends, but he made a difference in Eastern Europe. No mission was refused because it was too hard or had never been done before. The only thing that stopped him was his eventual capture and torture by the KGB in Bulgaria. Somehow, miraculously, he survived the ordeal to tell his story.

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Whistle and Other Stories by Susan Grayson


Seth is on a mission with his Nana to solve a mysterious noise. He is a pirate in his dream. Follow Seth with his sisters, Maggie May, Addie, Hannah, and Skye, as Nana discovers how amazing they are with their special dog abilities from playing ball to hearing, smelling, and seeing so many things.

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The Painting by Alison Booth

£8.99 eBook: £2.29

When Anika Molnar flees her home country of Hungary not long before the break-up of the Soviet Union, she carries only a small suitcase – and a beautiful and much-loved painting of an auburn-haired woman in a cobalt blue dress from her family’s hidden collection.
Arriving in Australia, Anika moves in with her aunt in Sydney, and the painting hangs in pride of place in her bedroom. But one day it is stolen in what seems to be a carefully planned theft, and Anika’s carefree life takes a more ominous turn.
Sinister secrets from her family’s past and Hungary’s fraught history cast suspicion over the painting’s provenance, and she embarks on a gripping quest to uncover the truth.
Hungary’s war-torn past contrasts sharply with Australia’s bright new world of opportunity in this moving and compelling mystery.

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Impossible Journey by James M. Becher

$12.99 hardback $6.92 paperback eBook: $0.99
Genre: Sci-Fi

Sci-fi / fantasy (time-travel) with a purpose.
"Impossible Journey is reminiscent of The Time Machine by H. G. Wells with a unique twist."-- Tami Brady.
Future scientists plan to time-travel to Eden to prevent the fall and thus put an end to all evil and disease in the world. But they can only travel 200 years, more or less, at a time.
Having gained the needed financial support from wealthy financier, Mark Lewis, the scientists manage to build the first time machine in which three of them take off on their imposing mission.

They visit the following different historical time periods, also depicted on the front cover:

  • The California Gold Rush of 1849
  • Colonial Philadelphia of 1775
  • The Renaissance
  • The Reformation
  • Legendary Camelot

Each of these historical time periods points in some way to the true answer they are seeking. But they ignore the obvious and go on blindly with their mission.
At one point, they are pulled forward unexpectedly to their future where robots serve and are forced to fight in a senseless war (WWIII). Will they escape? And will they ever come to learn the true answer to the problem of sin and evil in the world?

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Jill by Kay Dee Adams

£10.50 eBook: £3.99

Nottingham 1965

She knew he was her brother’s best friend, but crazy as it sounds, she knew, he was the one.

If only she could tell him, Jill had fallen completely in love with her brother’s friend, wasn’t interested in anyone else, for her it was love at first sight.

She’d loved him in a million dreams.

Would he ever love her the way she loves him?

He was a hunk of a young man, Mark was enjoying his life, plenty of girls and nightlife, they all loved him, but to him there was no one special, yet.

Will he realise how much Jill loves him, will he ever know? Will they ever have a relationship?

A Truly Heart-Warming & Unforgettable Love Story.

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Seeking the Dark by Paula R C Readman

£6.99 eBook: £2.99

Investigative journalist, Jacob Eldritch, is obsessed with solving the mystery of the Dead Men Sleeping, a series of unexplained deaths, but he isn’t aware that the Dark force is gathering strength.
One evening, he spots a man leading a white-haired beauty through the crowds at his local bar. A few days later, he sees her again at a hotel, in the company of a different man. A week later, both men are dead and the police add their names to the unexplained death list.
While conducting some background research at the library, a young girl doing her homework gives Jacob an unexpected clue. This turns the mystery of the Dead Men Sleeping on its head when he discovers they’re linked to the death of a Whitby ship owner two hundred and twenty-four years ago.
Jacob must fight the Dark as it closes in, but will he survive?

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The Hangman: Vengeance by Dee Rose

£11.17 eBook: $0.00
Genre: Fantasy
Tag: Recommended Books

Jericho sighed as he pointed the Sword of Caine at the Hangman. “You made this personal when you killed…There’s no coming back from that.”The Hangman has returned from the unknown dimension he was sent to at the end of The Death Brothers: A Supernatural Awakening. Now, he only has vengeance on his mind for the people, who tricked him that he once considered friends and allies. They include the heroes; The Grand Librarian, Alexander Merryweather, the demon hunter, Father Tom Padilla, Susan Taki, and reluctantly, the vampire slayer, Jericho Caine. Leechadon the Soul Eater, a powerful demon and the new leader of the underworld, uses the opportunity to attack the Earth by bringing together four allies of his own. They are; the vampire lord Dracool, a witch named Alina, a zombie leader, Deadric, and a demon lord, Gregor. If they can work together, they represent the greatest threat to humanity that has ever been assembled. Leechadon strikes a deal with Hangman to help get his revenge in exchange for the Hangman agreeing not to interfere with Leechadon’s plans for the Earth. The past, present, and future play relevant parts in this adventure. Allegiances are tested as both, humans and supernatural forces, clash in this epic finale to the Hangman series.

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Killing the Girl by Elizabeth Hill

£8.99 eBook: £1.99

For over forty years Carol Cage has been living as a recluse in her mansion, Oaktree House. Fear is her constant companion. She’s been keeping a secret – and it’s about to be unearthed.

When she receives a compulsory purchase order for her home, she knows that everyone is going to find out what she did to survive her darkest weeks in 1970. She writes her confession so that we can understand what happened because she wasn’t the only one living a lie. The events that turned her fairy-tale life into a living hell were not all they seemed.

She’s determined not to pay for the mistakes of others; if she has to face justice, then they will too.

Carol Cage has a terrible secret … and she’s about to exact retribution on everyone who had abandoned her.

Winner of the 'Chill With A Book Premier Readers Award' and 'Chill With A Book' book of the month for October 2020

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Cauliflowers Through The Catflap and Other Tales from a Solitary Lockdown by Cassandra Campbell-Kemp

£12.99 eBook: £3.99

This is the story of a solitary Lockdown…a story of bloody-minded self-preservation replete with moments of anxiety, resignation and sadness but also with joy, hilarity and above all dogged determination. Cassandra – sixty-five years old, single and somewhat immobile – struggles with myriad new challenges as she watches herself – and the world – change from within her self-imposed fortress.
In November 2019, she had a terrifying nightmare which warned of something very bad emerging from China. In early January 2020, she had a subsequent and similarly disturbing dream in which she found herself in an empty and deserted Italian castle, furnished solely with a single ventilator tent.
Forewarned by these dreams she threw herself into a frenzy of logistical planning, laboriously turning her spare bedroom into a store cupboard stuffed with many (rigorously disinfected) boxes of sensible, nutritious, long-life and probably disgusting dehydrated foods – ready for whatever The Fates had in store.
On the 3rd March 2020, notwithstanding the dithering of the UK government, Cassandra unequivocally shut herself away, refusing to open the door to anyone and using a newly acquired pink megaphone with which to communicate, through the closed window.

This updated version brings her story up to date - January 2021 - through two more Lockdowns and the promise of a vaccine.

“I see this as an important book…one high-risk, single woman’s view on how she, personally, coped with an unprecedented situation and who is not afraid to bare all…literally!! The fact that it also looks at the situation from political and other angles is integral to the overall read…”

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Phoenix’s Assassin by Lavendar Woods

£8.03 eBook: £2.29
Genre: Romance

“If death was only that easy. Life would be so much better!”KyreniaKyrenia Cadigan is a phoenix, a being that dies repeatedly only to come back to life again. She lives in a world of half truths and danger. Despite her death and rebirths, Kyrenia just wants to live a normal life. She tries to hide her true nature from both humans and other supernatural creatures. Those that find out about her tend to kill her. She is hunted. Iovinus “Ivan” Yorkland is an Ebrilyn Assassin, a man that kills humans and supernatural creatures to feed the underworld realm of Ebrilyn. After witnessing Kyrenia’s death and rebirth centuries ago, he has become intrigued and enamored of the woman. The woman was a mystery to him that he wants to solve. Now he wants her for his own. He’ll do whatever he can to have her and protect her from her cursed existence. Facing the challenges of death, rebirth and a Dark Lord who wants to start his own army. Can the two be together peacefully. Can Iovinus get Kyrenia to fall in love with him? Will she be able to trust in life and love again after centuries of losing the ones she loved, or will she die once more before then?

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The Market Stall Girl by AnneMarie Brear

$12.93 eBook: $2.99

1913 Yorkshire, England.
Beth Beaumont enjoys her life as a rhubarb farmer’s daughter in West Yorkshire. Working on the family’s stall selling the fruit and vegetables grown in their own fields gives her a sense of purpose and is healthier than working in a dangerous cotton mill.
Although not thinking of marriage, when Beth meets Noah Jackson, a village miner, she is suddenly very aware of Noah as a man who could change her mind. The summer brings the two closer and their feelings deepen while Noah studies hard to fulfill his dreams of becoming a teacher and securing a better life than his parents endure.
But, a disaster at the coal mine changes lives forever. Noah’s plans are shattered. His love for Beth is put at risk, and he fears they can never find happiness together.
However, another man wants Beth. Louis Melville, the wealthy son of a local gentry family, is acutely aware of Beth’s beauty and he wants her for himself. At first, he is willing to offer marriage, but when Beth turns him down in favour of Noah, Melville, furious to be denied, wreaks revenge with devastating consequences.
Will Beth and Noah find the happiness they wish for or will overwhelming events break them apart?

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