Testimonials from Contributors during 2020

The opportunity to be published in a leading magazine both critically acclaimed and with an audience.

I was previously published in the magazine (Thank You) and love the concept. The exposure is wonderful!

I want to be published in your reputable magazine and be recognized as a writer to be read with interest.

My writerly friends and a class instructor have mentioned the magazine. I have seen a kindle version of an issue and decided to approach you for this particular article. My name is Sophia Kouidou-Giles and I enjoy contributing craft essays to journals. Thank you for your consideration.

Good opinion

Some of the authors that I know recommended that I submit

I absolutely love this magazine, especially how the stories and poems are displayed. It’s a beautiful publication.

I like the stories you all publish

I admire the publication, was honoured to be published last year (my account of acquiring French citizenship), and would like to feature again!

I have a real desire to be published and love your publication. There was nowhere better to start.

Unfamiliar with contests submissions for publication due to the hours associated with memoir writing and teaching, I was quite pleased to find the landmark that revealed the heart of your magazine’s intent. Writers and Readers Magazine spoke to me in its guidelines that placed human kindness as a gesture to be expressed and behavior to be practiced as its foundation. While it is a sad commentary on our society that personal pain is transmitted to others in public exchanges, it is not as easy to recognize and remember that many people are suffering, especially during this time of upheaval from loss of jobs, the death of someone close, keeping the debt collectors at bay and keeping ourselves and our families safe from COVID 19. Writers and Readers Magazine is a call that holds the promise of response in its initiation. Change cannot happen overnight in our society but it is in the hearing of the call and in our response one person at a time where hope lies. Writers and Readers Magazine exemplifies that hope through creative expression.

I have heard good things about this magazine and highly recommend it to all writers

It is interesting to expand on the types of publications that I have appeared in. Your entire process and approach is new to me.

Being a magazine for both writers and readers, publication, and success in this form will I hope give me the confidence to continue writing and fulfill a lifelong dream.

Looks like a good opportunity to get exposure in a magazine outside of the USA and offer Writers and Readers Magazine readers something that might resonate with them

I wish to submit my work for your consideration because you promote great writing and give space to the kind of writers that deal with psychological issues in an evocative and poetic way. There are no simple overarching themes, nor is there a need to be topical, in this way the writing you feature is given space to breathe and is all the better for it.

I have been published in The Writers and Readers Magazine several times in the past. It is a high-quality magazine, and it is always an honor to be published here.

I am from Malaysia and to be honest, I did not know about this magazine before. I read about this magazine from a known website. I believe The Writers and Readers’ Magazine could provide me the opportunity to be one of their lucky writers as well as readers!

I’ve had a previous story published here, before the name change. The editors were great to work with and the magazine was spectacular.

It’s a prestigious magazine, a superb platform for budding authors. A genuine encouragement for promoting literary creations and talents.

Your writers and your readers are obsessed with words, as I am. Your stories have a fantastic voice with unforgettable narrative and characters that have me sitting up and taking notice. I hope to be able to add to this body of work.

To be included in an eclectic mix of writers who express such a diverse range of experiences and perspectives is really a privilege.

This is an appreciable departure from the niche inward-looking publication that seeks to promote their own limited brand of literary expression.

It’s a very hard magazine to put down with all the wonderful intelligent and comforting articles on writing and a group of international friends with interesting tales to tell! All blessed with a lovely cover!

I have admired the sheer “variety” of writing found in this publication. I want to be part of it’s long reach.


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