Here in the March Issue, we have contributions from many new writers along with our regulars. We have a varied selection of subjects to please (we hope) many of you.

The magazine is now available on Kindle Unlimited (March to be added this week). The printed version of the magazine will be out on 13/14 March, later this month due to unforeseen circumstances. As usual, orders can be made through the website from our main distributor or from our office (pre-orders preferred). Worldwide postage is available.


We are now accepting Advertising please fill out the form with your details and you can pay through PayPal. For £100 you can have your advertisement in the magazine and online for 60 days, images to be emailed separately.

Remember you can still do your book promotion and press releases as well.

In order to bring you this quality magazine, we ask that you contribute, share and purchase so we may continue to support our writers.



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