Let Us Talk Advertising and Book Promotion in The Writers and Readers’ Magazine

Here at The Writers and Readers’ Magazine, we want to spread the word that you have your latest book out on the shelves

and to let others know that you are there for editing, proofreading, ghost-writing etc.,

or have an up and coming get together for writers even if it is in a virtual way.

Maybe you are an illustrator or graphic artist and have availability to take on more work.

Book promotions cost £25 and this is a one-off fee.

For this, you get added to our promoted books list and appear on our website pages

with purchase links to Amazon.

The promotion will also appear on a full page in the next issue of the magazine.

For advertising, you can take out a full, half or quarter page in the next issue of the magazine for one or three months.

For advertising on the website, you can have either a popup or block advert on the footer for one month for £40.

All form can be found HERE

More details at www.thewritersandreadersmagazine.com


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