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We hope you are enjoying the March issue of the magazine and the print copies will be available in a few days. We apologise for the delay in getting them out this month but there were a few circumstances to overcome during the initial process.

Time marches on and the deadline for April is 24th March in only 10 days’ time. You are welcome to submit at any time as we are always looking ahead for future issues.

We are very excited to announce that we will be publishing extracts from the popular book, ‘The Guide for Every Screenwriter by Geoffrey D. Calhoun.’ For all those thinking of writing for the screen this a must-read.

January, February and March magazines are now available on Kindle as published, an easier read for those who prefer to read digitally.

Book promotion and Press Releases are welcome (fee applicable)

We now accept advertising so please check the website for pricing.

Below you will find what we accept in the way of submissions:

Monthly Charity Feature – an author/writer who supports a charity through their writing.

Short Stories and Essays

Articles on and about writing

Poetry and Prose

Interviews with authors

Book reviews

Travel Tales and Stories

Health and Wellness articles

Each month we publish a painting or sketch on the inside back cover, if you are interested please contact

Please go to for the guidelines and forms.


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