The Painting by Alison Booth

£8.99 eBook: £2.29

When Anika Molnar flees her home country of Hungary not long before the break-up of the Soviet Union, she carries only a small suitcase – and a beautiful and much-loved painting of an auburn-haired woman in a cobalt blue dress from her family’s hidden collection.
Arriving in Australia, Anika moves in with her aunt in Sydney, and the painting hangs in pride of place in her bedroom. But one day it is stolen in what seems to be a carefully planned theft, and Anika’s carefree life takes a more ominous turn.
Sinister secrets from her family’s past and Hungary’s fraught history cast suspicion over the painting’s provenance, and she embarks on a gripping quest to uncover the truth.
Hungary’s war-torn past contrasts sharply with Australia’s bright new world of opportunity in this moving and compelling mystery.

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The Sewing Place by Joslin Day

£11.99 eBook: £3.99

Innocence is a precious possession, but as mid-eighteenth-century Exeter settles to peace after The Seven Years’ War, Rachael, who is neither servant nor ward of the flamboyant painter Alexander Trelawney, is destined to lose the one thing that separates her from the whores she rubs shoulders with.
A friendship begun on the derelict outshoot of one of the three houses that share a courtyard along busy Exebere Street is put under threat; not only by Trelawney’s unorthodox lifestyle but by Henri Latimer’s spendthrift and conscienceless nephew Geoffrey, who is determined to have the inheritance that his posthumous birth has deprived him of. Even if this means consulting with the herbalist Blox.
Will Rachael find salvation in the widower Henri Latimer or will she fall to the bottom of society where her illegitimate birth and lack of family predicts she must? Will Geoffrey achieve what Latimer’s recent injury and subsequent illness could not?

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Coach in Cottage C by Rosemary Ryan Imregi and J.R. Minard

$16.95 eBook: $10.09

Inspired by 1961 events in the life of Florida State University quarterback Victor C. Prinzi during his time at the Florida School for Boys (now known as the Dozier School for Boys), Imregi and Minard’s Coach in Cottage C dramatizes how institutional life burns inside the minds and souls of faculty and boys alike.
On a crisp February morning in 1961, twenty-five-year-old Matt Grazi faces the most unwanted change of his life. His pro-ball career over, he stands as coach across the field from a platoon of teenage delinquents at Colby Hill School for Boys (CHB) in the northern panhandle of Florida. Matt understands a successful coaching season is his chance to remain in the football world, and his opportunity to give value to his years spent on the field.

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