Would you like to be part of the Christmas and New Year Issue of The Writers and Readers’ Magazine?

We are open for submissions and look forward to your contribution. There is a full list on the website of what we are looking for, but a quick reminder is as follows.

Feature of an author who supports a charity or good cause through their writing.

Articles to help anyone on a writing journey.

Poetry modern and traditional.

Travel tales and stories.

Short stories fiction and non-fiction.

Articles on health and Wellness.

Author interviews.

Book reviews.

Book promotion and press releases.

Have you taken our survey yet? If you are interested in the magazine’s future, we urge you to take part. You can find a link on the website.

We look forward to hearing from you and ask that you read and follow the guidelines. We receive many submission pages with no author’s name and in some cases no title to the piece offered.

This can lead to your contribution not being considered.

Deadline November 23rd.


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