Keeping you up to date from the magazine office.

We are in lockdown here but it doesn’t stop us from bringing you the best magazine for writers and readers today.

Here are things you need to know:

  1. We are here for new and experienced writers and those who love to read.

  2. We are a non-profit magazine so we do not fill our pages with advertising, but we do accept book promotions and press releases.

  3. We will accept a small amount of advertising as long as it is book or writing-related.

  4. We are ceasing the magazine rack on the website as it is now and will be rebuilding the links for all our editions which are now on Kindle.

  5. We will also be ceasing the 2 months free promotion code for our contributors but we do have an alternative to be launched soon.

  6. In order to fulfill your magazine purchase from this office, we do need a pre-order as we only print a limited number of copies.

  7. If you would like a print copy of the April issue or alternatively subscribe for 3 months please do this before 1st April.

  8. If you miss this date then please order from when their stock arrives.

  9. The deadline for April is 24th March and we are also open for submissions for the May issue.

We hope you enjoy the magazine and look forward to your continued support.

Please click here to access all the forms you may need.

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