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A Trilogy of Poetry, Prose and Thoughts for the Mind, Body and Soul by Joseph S. Spence, Sr.

$12.95 eBook: $4.29
Genre: Poetry
Tag: Recommended Books

Trilogy is an exciting experience into the diverse blending of poetry, prose, and thoughts. It raises one''s level of consciousness to that of enjoyment and instills a peaceful quality of mind for relaxation. Enjoy this masterpiece at your favorite place, with your favorite drink, as your mind explodes with the fascination of Trilogy. The wonderful experience of Trilogy shows how a family working together is able to blend and intertwine their collective ideas and thoughts. Such diversity has produced this exceptional work of art for the mind and body that is soothing to the soul. The passing of Joseph''s mother was a motivation for Trilogy. His healing from her loss was to write. He wrote during every spare moment. The spark ignited the passion within Sheila and Jonathan, and they followed his lead. As a result, this fascinating masterpiece is in your hands. Enjoy your reading and recitals as you experience the sensational journey of Trilogy!

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Love in the Eye of the Storm by Billy Nahn

$9.99 eBook: $3.07

A dramatic true story about being on a Caribbean Island during one of the largest hurricanes in modern history. Love, survival, friendship, and gracious luck all come into play during this harrowing ordeal.

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