Phoenix’s Assassin by Lavendar Woods

£8.03 eBook: £2.29
Genre: Romance

“If death was only that easy. Life would be so much better!”KyreniaKyrenia Cadigan is a phoenix, a being that dies repeatedly only to come back to life again. She lives in a world of half truths and danger. Despite her death and rebirths, Kyrenia just wants to live a normal life. She tries to hide her true nature from both humans and other supernatural creatures. Those that find out about her tend to kill her. She is hunted. Iovinus “Ivan” Yorkland is an Ebrilyn Assassin, a man that kills humans and supernatural creatures to feed the underworld realm of Ebrilyn. After witnessing Kyrenia’s death and rebirth centuries ago, he has become intrigued and enamored of the woman. The woman was a mystery to him that he wants to solve. Now he wants her for his own. He’ll do whatever he can to have her and protect her from her cursed existence. Facing the challenges of death, rebirth and a Dark Lord who wants to start his own army. Can the two be together peacefully. Can Iovinus get Kyrenia to fall in love with him? Will she be able to trust in life and love again after centuries of losing the ones she loved, or will she die once more before then?

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