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Welcome to the Writers and Readers’ Magazine.

Allowing new and experienced writers to show their work worldwide to all our readers.

Bookshelf where you can view and purchase our promoted books.

The magazine is available in print at £5.99

and can be purchased from our only distributor HERE.

Subscriptions and back copies available.

Due to a limited number of copies printed

we only accept pre-orders so order your copies and subscriptions direct from us HERE


This is a paid feature and you can apply by filling in the form HERE

Your promotion will run for one month in the printed magazine

and continuously on the website all for just £25.


Publish your Press Releases you can apply HERE

There is a £10 fee for one month within the magazine.

If you would like to submit your work you can do so HERE

We now accept Advertising to appear both online and in our print editions

please go to the menu and click on Application to advertise


We hope you enjoy the magazine and look forward to your continued support in 2020




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7 thoughts on “The Writers and Readers’ Magazine

  1. I think it was a fellow that called me from writers Magazine a week back and quoted me $700 for two months to advertise my book in your magazine a bit pricy !!! since I am a lady who is coming 65 years of age and living on a limited income budget. I would be interested in advertising with your magazine but only if the price was something I could afford like quote me a price for 6 months of advertising that is reasonable.
    Thankyou. Kathyrn Martell-MacKenzie Author of Life And Passion at

    1. I can assure you this was nothing to do with this magazine. We do not make advertising calls and have no men on our staff. We charge £25 for a full page book promotion for one month, it also appears continually on the bookshelf on the website. The forms are available on here.

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